Frequently Asked Questions

Martell Blade Buddy
  • What kind of blades?

    Razor blades that you regularly buy in a supermarket or drugstore: Gillette, Schick, Bic, single and multi-blade razors, including disposables... the Martell Blade Buddy maintains and prolongs their sharpness, so you get a close, comfortable shave... day after day.

  • How does it work?

    Barbers "strop" their straight razors up and down leather straps before shaving their customers. Similarly, butchers sharpen their knives by running them along a steel rod. The Martell Blade Buddy effectively replicates these processes. You need only glide your razor a few times up the length of the pad’s patent pending silicone surface, and within seconds the cutting edge of your blade is restored.

  • What's the secret?

    There’s no mystery involved. A razor blade is very thin at its edge, only a few micrometers thick. The metal is extremely malleable at that point. A “used” razor blade is one that has been minutely bent out of alignment. The metal of the blade has been microscopically “bent” by the various stresses induced by the act of shaving. Once you bring the bent edge back into alignment, once you "unbend" the metal, you restore the sharpness of the razor blade. This is what the Martell Blade Buddy achieves: it straightens-out the bent edge of a used razor blade, so you get a close, comfortable shave... day after day.

  • What's the bottom line?

    - Save up to hundreds of dollars on new razor blades
    - Easy to use: simply glide your razor a few times up the length of the pad’s long-lasting, patent-pending silicone surface
    - Laboratory and field-tested for over five years
    - Works with all types of single and multi-blade razors, including disposables
    - Eliminates nicks, cuts, shaving abrasions and razor burn associated with dull razor blades
    - Help the environment by reducing the number of non-biodegradable replacement cartridges and plastic razors disposed annually in landfill sites

  • How to Use the Martell Blade Buddy?

    For best results:
    1- Before shaving, lubricate silicone pad with thin layer of liquid soap or shaving cream. Set razor blades flat on 3 arrows.
    2- Glide razor forward with moderate speed and very light pressure along the entire pad surface.
    3- Lift razor and repeat 15-20 times. Keep pad lubricated during use

    NEVER glide razor backwards. NOT for use with very dull razor blades or electric razors.
    Always rinse pad and razor blades BEFORE AND AFTER each use. Very important to KEEP LUBRICATION on pad.